Jalpa Williby — 5 star

Amanda Walker absolutely goes above and beyond. She takes pride in her work, and it shows in every detail. I completely trust her with her work and truly, she’s not happy until you’re happy. If I have a vision, somehow, she’s able to create a teaser, a cover, or even a video trailer out of it. A truly talented individual, I thank my lucky stars I found her. She is a professional and always reliable. I love all her work she has created, and like I said, she will bend over backwards for you. To me, she’s more than a PA who will just post everywhere. She truly tries to get to know her authors and their priorities. Amanda will then create a marketing plan based on what needs to get done. I highly recommend Amanda Walker’s services.


PM Briede — 5 star

Amanda is professional, responsive, constructive, and innovative. Her teasers and covers speak for themselves. In my opinion, they set themselves apart from others I have seen. She is willing to work within the constraints of your own ideas, but is actually at her best when given the opportunity to brainstorm and make suggestions. I have found her to be a true partner to my creative process.

As a PA, there are no words to aptly describe her value. She helps me with updates and sales images. She keeps my communications fresh and engaging. Her ideas are tailored to my personality, needs, and ideals. I would truly be lost without her.


Marisa Oldham — 5 star

Amanda is professional, communicates well, has an eye for detail, has a great talent as a graphic designer, and has a fast turn around.

As a PA she’s dedicated to her authors and doesn’t rest until her job is done. Her author’s success is her top priority.

I highly recommend her for both her PA and design services.


Patricia Rose — 5 star

I used Amanda for the launch of my first novel, Iron Mike. I wish I could afford to keep her! She made everything that I did (which was so-so) suddenly ZING! with life and excitement! Once my book starts turning ANY kind of profit, my first re-investment will be in Amanda’s services. Highly recommended!


Ana E Ross— 5 star

I was looking for a PA who didn’t take a lot of maintenance and whose personality clicked with mine when I was introduced to Amanda through another author who told me that she came highly recommended. Well, highly recommended is an understatement.

Amanda is AWESOME, professional, talented and very dedicated to her authors—from her knowledge of how social media works, creating teasers, setting up and coaching Facebook Events, facilitating my fan club, designing covers and book trailers, collaborating with other authors for cross promotion, to being there when I’m stressed and need someone to talk to, and much, much more.

Having time to write without the stress of dealing with social media, daily promotions, etc., was the major reason I needed a PA. And I’m happy to say that since I hired Amanda, I have had time to write. She has seen me through two books this year, and I look forward to her helping me through many more in the coming years, with time to write while she hoists my sails. Thank you, Amanda.


Tricia Bailey — 5 star

What can I say about Amanda?
Her designing skill are off the chain. She truly has an amazing gift and delivers on time .
I had my two book covers and teasers design by her and Trust me it wouldn’t be the last time. Communication is excellent and she even helps and gives you great advice. I highly recommend her to anybody.


Gledé Browne Kabongo — 5 star

Amanda is an absolutely fantastic PA. I can depend on her to not only go above and beyond but she also has great instincts about how authors can continue to build their social media presence and promote their books. Her willingness and enthusiasm to continue to hone her skills, and gain new ones is unfailing, and that makes her invaluable to her authors. Every author needs someone like her in their arsenal.


DB Canavan — 5 star

Amanda created three book covers for me, and they are spectacular! She listened to my suggestions, and went above and beyond to create exactly what I wanted. She even made suggestions, creating test covers for me to compare. She has an eye for detail and the drive to meet a deadline! Her work is spectacular!


Laurie Cataldo Fuchs— 5 star

Love Amanda’s work. She redid my book cover for me and its excellent. Also, she had made me some teasers. They turned out perfect. LOVE LOVE your work Amanda. Thanks!!!


Dianne Wolfenden — 5 star

Amazing designer, patient and honest. Amanda is not happy until you are. Great value for money, recommended.